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Mountain Biking

There are many excellent opportunities for mountain biking in Hyalite from steep and technical single track to mellow dirt roads and everything in between. Wilderness & Recreation Partnership has excellent, detailed descriptions of 2 Hyalite trails featured on their website: History Rock and Fox Creek to South Cottonwood. Another resource, Mountain Biking Bozeman, includes 8 routes in Hyalite Canyon.

Please check the timeshare schedule before biking Hyalite Trail or the East Fork of Hyalite (Emerald Lake) Trail; bikers are restricted on certain days of the week on these trails. Also, please avoid riding on any trails in the spring until the rains stop and the trails dry out.

Road Biking

An ideal time to bike up Hyalite Canyon Road, snow and ice conditions permitting, is between April 1st and May 15th, when the road is closed to motor vehicles. Enjoy the solitude of the Gallatin Range without having to watch for cars on the road. Round trip from the kiosk at the lower gate to the reservoir, it’s 15.6 miles and 1,180 feet of elevation gain.

If you choose to bike up the Hyalite road when it is open to cars please be cautious and aware of traffic. The road is narrow and winding and motorists often drive faster than the posted speed limit. Ride single file and try to avoid biking during the busiest times of the day.